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    NVIDIA Freestyle

    NVIDIA Freestyle is a technology that allows you to add graphics filters on top of your games in a real time. With Freestyle you can:

    • Add retro-filter to shooter
    • Make a picture look like a photo by changing its color and contrast (in ARK Survival Evolved for example)
    • Change the atmosphere (in Shadow of the Tomb Raider for example)
    • Set contrast to the max (especially helpful for colorblind people)
    • Enable night mode and reduce blue color in a game, that will help you to fall asleep after a gaming session.

    How lo launch Freestyle?

    • Open in-game overlay pressing Ctrl+G (Windows) or Cmd+G (Mac)
    • Press Filter to open Freestyle menu (important: only works in supported games)
    • In the pop up menu create new style by choosing the preview window and clicking the "+" icon
    • Add one more filter, clicking the same "+" again
    • Name a style (preset), make a hotkey for enabling it in the "shortcut" menu.
    • Hotkeys can be changed in the menu "Settings" > "Hotkeys".
    • Enable and enjoy while gaming
    • You can create up to 3 saved styles ( presets). You can add up 15 filters that have 38 different setups. There are hundreds of different combinations in total!
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