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    How to get started

    Show all games

    Filters and sorting

    Press the “Games” button, which is located on the top of the website. You will see all available games. On the left side of this page you will see the filter, that will help you to restrict the amount of games shown according to your preferences. This is very comfortable!

    To see all available free-to-play games make sure to tick "free-to-play games”. If you add "Action" and "Steam", you will see all available Action games that can be played via Steam. You can add as many parameters as you need to find something you like.

    If you want to see the whole bunch of games that are available on Steam , for example, then you will need “Sorting”. By default, games are sorted by alphabet, but you can set sorting by rating on Metacritics to see the games that are highly rated by users.

    Sear bar on web and app

    Enter the game title in the search bar and you will get the list of the games that are available in our service.

    • Don’t be scared if you forgot the game title, you can enter a part of it, a word from it or even one single letter could be enough!
    • If you enter a keyword like: Arcade, free-to-play, Racing, Puzzle, Indie, Casual, ММО, Adventure, Platformer, Sport, Strategy, Shooter, RTX, then you will get a list of games of a chosen category.

    How to add a game to your library

    To add a game to your library you need to choose it from a catalog and press the button“+library”. Games from your EGS and Steam accounts will be added to your library automatically, we will tell you about this in the next paragraph!

    Steam and EGS

    Open the “Setting” tab in the app. In the “Connections” block press the chain-like button around Steam. The log in to your account. Ready to go! You just enabled your Steam account.

    UBISOFT and GoG

    Unfortunately, you can't sync Ubisoft and GOG libraries, though you can easily launch games from their services. Click the name of the service when launching the desired game and simply log in, that will work!

    How to play for free

    Perhaps, you are only getting into gaming and you do not own any paid games. Nothing to be feared! Open the filters on the left side and choose "Free games" and a comfortable platform (secretly speaking - most of the free games are on Steam). Then, connect your Steam or Egs account to our library, choose the needed game and press the “Play” button. This is really easy!

    System requirements


    • Windows 7 64-bit or above ( 32-bit systems are not supported)
    • 2GHz processor or better
    • RAM 4GB or more
    • Graphics card with a DirectX 11 support or better.
    • Example: NVIDIA GeForce 600 series or newer


    • macOS 10.11 or newer
    • For details of using Mac 10.10 you can go to other attachment

    For browser gaming

    • Chrome 77.x or above


    • Android 5.0 or newer
    • RAM 2GB or more


    • IOS: 14.3 and above
    • iPadOS: 14.3 and above

    LG TV:

    • LG TV 2021 with a webOS firmware update (Autumn 2021) and latest LG TV browser update
    • Note: GeForce NOW for LG TV is at the Beta stage


    • Ethernet : 15 mbps for 720p 60FPS, 25 mbps for 1080p 60FPS


    • SHIELD controller ( wired or wireless mode)
    • Sony DualShock 4 ( USB or Bluetooth)
    • Sony PS5™ DualSense™ (USB or Bluetooth)
    • Logitech F310/F510/F710
    • Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One (wireless)
    • Microsoft Xbox Series X controllers
    • SHIELD Controller (2017)
    • Razer Kishi
    • Razer Raiju Mobile
    • Razer Junglecat
    • Steelseries XL
    • Steelseries Stratus Duo
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